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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN98111 Gramine

    1. Gramine is the excellent marker in rapid and transient systemic acquired resistance in barley.
    2. Gramine has dual effect on the bile acid and sterols cell membrane partitioning activity in vivo.
    3. Gramine can activate of antioxidants and inactivative of SOD in M. aeruginosa ;Gramine has phytotoxicity on M. aeruginosa may be due to oxidative damage via oxidation of ROS .
    CFN97087 Neoprzewaquinone A

    1. Neoprzewaquinone A has algicidal effect on M. aeruginosa , with EC50 of 4.68 mg /L, the potential inhibition mechanisms are neo-przewaquinone A caused M. aeruginosa cells morphologic damage or lysis, increased malondialdehyde content and decreased the soluble protein content, total antioxidant and superoxide dismutase activity, and significantly inhibited three photosynthesis-related genes (psaB, psbD, and rbcL).
    CFN96128 Cyclo(D-Leu-L-Pro)

    1. Cyclo(D-Leu-L-Pro) shows antitumour and antifungal activities.