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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN90046 D-Mannitol

    1. Mannitol increases the osmotic pressure and urine volume as a protective agent on renal tubules.
    2. Mannitol is a suitable thermoprotectant that facilitates retention of thermosensitive polyphenolic species in berry extracts during spray-drying.
    3. Mannitol infusion performed immediately after restitution of blood flow following temporary cerebral ischemia remarkably reduced the size of the cerebral cortical focal infarction by decreasing the swelling of the end-feet, thus preventing the microvascular compression and stasis and thereby microvasculogenic secondary focal cerebral ischemia.
    CFN90560 alpha-Solanine

    1. Alpha-Solanine alters antioxidative enzyme activities and MDA and PCO concentrations and GST activity in fat body and midgut.
    2. Alpha-Solanine has proliferation-inhibiting and apoptosis-promoting effect on multiple cancer cells, such as clone, liver, melanoma cancer cells.