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New Products

Catalog No: CFN90409
CAS No: 58139-23-4
Price: $188/10mg

Catalog No: CFN90448
CAS No: 14941-08-3
Price: $218/20mg

Catalog No: CFN90458
CAS No: 66791-77-3
Price: $288/20mg
Columbianetin acetate

Catalog No: CFN90510
CAS No: 23180-65-6
Price: $218/20mg

Catalog No: CFN90511
CAS No: 487-39-8
Price: $198/20mg
7-Hydroxyaristolochic acid A

Catalog No: CFN90517
CAS No: 79185-75-4
Price: $220/5mg
Dehydrotrametenolic acid

Catalog No: CFN90577
CAS No: 29220-16-4
Price: $268/20mg
3,6'-Disinapoyl sucrose

Catalog No: CFN90578
CAS No: 139891-98-8
Price: $138/20mg
Featured Products
Tanshinone IIB

Catalog No: CFN99820
CAS No: 17397-93-2
Price: $463/5mg

Catalog No: CFN99854
CAS No: 18422-83-8
Price: $403/5mg

Catalog No: CFN99883
CAS No: 19103-54-9
Price: $338/10mg

Catalog No: CFN99907
CAS No: 517-88-4
Price: $80/20mg
Ginsenoside Rh3

Catalog No: CFN99972
CAS No: 105558-26-7
Price: $218/20mg
Ginsenoside Re

Catalog No: CFN99974
CAS No: 52286-59-6
Price: $40/20mg
Eleutheroside E

Catalog No: CFN99984
CAS No: 39432-56-9
Price: $88/20mg
Pinoresinol diglucoside

Catalog No: CFN99994
CAS No: 63902-38-5
Price: $100/20mg
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