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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99538 Cycloastragenol

    1. Cycloastragenol has anti-aging property.
    2. Cycloastragenol increases telomerase activity and proliferative capacity,stimulates the repair of DNA damage by activating telomerase,a nucleoprotein enzyme which catalyses synthesis and growth of telomeric DNA.
    CFN99630 Phytol

    1. Phytol has antimicrobial activity.
    2. Phytol interacts with GABAA receptor, probably at the receptor subtypes that mediate benzodiazepines effects, to produce sedative and anxiolytic activities.
    . 3. Phytol attenuates the inflammatory response by inhibiting neutrophil migration that is partly caused by reduction in IL-1β and TNF-α levels and oxidative stress.
    CFN99803 Evofolin B

    1. Evofolin B exhibits inhibition (IC50 ≤ 5.34 μg/mL) of superoxide anion generation by human neutrophils in response to formyl-l-methionyl-l-leucyl-l-phenylalanine/cytochalasin B (fMLP/CB).
    CFN99908 Toosendanin

    1. Toosendanin possesses hepatotoxicity.
    2. Toosendanin has effects on the growth, cell cycle arrest, induction of apoptosis and the involved signaling pathway in human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells.
    3. Toosendanin is an effective insecticide for Ae.
    CFN98261 Geniposide

    1. Geniposide can induce increased activity of phase II detoxifying enzymes, inhibit tumor promotion, and induce apoptosis in rat C6 glioma cells.
    2. Geniposide can be transformed to blue pigments by a simple modification, may be used as a value-added food colorant.
    3. Geniposide shows a greater protective effect on the granule cell layer than on the pyramidal cell layer including CA 1 and CA 3. On the basis of the experimental results, geniposide may be a therapeutic agent for ischemia in patients.