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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99476 Dammarenediol II

    1. Dammarenediol II synthase is a key rate-limiting enzyme during the process of rice synthesizes dammarane-type ginsenosides.
    2. Dammarenediol II can inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-induced intracellular reactive oxygen species generation and stress fiber formation and vascular endothelial-cadherin disruption, suggests that the natural drug dammarenediol II may have the ability to prevent diabetic microvascular complications, including diabetic retinopathy.
    3. The medicinally important dammarenediol II can be ectopically produced in tobacco, and the production of dammarenediol-II in tobacco plants allows them to adopt a viral defense system.
    CFN98152 Byakangelicin

    1. Byakangelicin is found in extracts of the root of Angelica dahurica, used in Korea and China as a traditional medicine to treat colds, headache and toothache, it can inhibit the effects of sex hormones, it may increase the catabolism of endogenous hormones, it induces cytochrome P450 3A4 expression via transactivation of pregnane X receptors in human hepatocytes.
    2. Byakangelicin is effective for the treatment of sugar cataracts and diabetic neuropathy in rats and hence might be useful as a lead compound for the development of new type drugs for clinical use.
    3. Byakangelicin can cause irregularity of estrous cycle delay in mating and a marked decrease in fertile mating and in number of offspring, it might delay the sexual maturity of rats.
    4. Byakangelicin as insecticides and insect antifeedant for the control of Lepidoptera and Homoptera showed a significant effect.
    CFN98868 Conduritol A

    1. Conduritol A can have an effect on regulating the metabolism of blood lipid, free-radical scavenging, enhancing the antioxidant ability, potentiating immune function.
    2. Conduritol A has a hypoglycemic effect, it also can markedly prevent the diabetic rats from getting cataracts, the inhibition of lens aldose reductase by conduritol A may be responsible for its cataract-suppressing effect.
    CFN93196 Troxerutin

    1. Troxerutin protects against high cholesterol-induced cognitive deficits in mice, it could be recommended as a possible candidate for the prevention and therapy of cognitive deficits in type 2 diabetes mellitus and Alzheimer's disease.
    2. Troxerutin can attenuate renal injury induced by D-galactose probably through its antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties.
    3. Troxerutin has efficacy on streptozotocin-induced rat model in the early stage of diabetic retinopathy.