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    Anti-hyperlipidemic Compound Library
    A unique collection of 71 Anti-hyperlipidemic natural compounds with biological activity of Anti-hyperlipidemic
    Catalog No: Bb134 Anti-hyperlipidemic Compound Library
    Screening Details
    Size: 1mg/well * 71 Compounds
    2mg/well * 71 Compounds
    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99142 Genipin

    1. Genipin is a novel chemical activator of EBV lytic cycle.
    2. Genipin is used for choleretic action for liver diseases control.
    3. Genipin inhibits MMP-1 and MMP-3 release from TNF-a-stimulated human periodontal ligament cells.
    4. Genipin is an excellent natural cross-linker for proteins, collagen, gelatin, and chitosan cross-linking, can be used as a regulating agent for drug delivery, as the raw material for gardenia blue pigment preparation.
    5. Genipin blocks the action of the enzyme uncoupling protein 2. Uncoupling protein-2 (UCP2), is a UCP2 inhibitor.the chemical inhibition of UCP2 with genipin sensitizes multidrug-resistant cancer cells to cytotoxic agents.
    CFN99169 Puerarin

    1. Puerarin is estrogens compounds.
    2. Puerarin is a 5-HT2C receptor and benzodiazepine site antagonist.
    3. Puerarin may be as a self-microemulsifying drug delivery system.
    4. Puerarin suppresses OA-induced lipid accumulation, and reduces the triacylglycerol and cholesterol levels.
    5. Puerarin is effective in treating heart diseases such as angina, myocardial infarction and ischemia-reperfusion brain injury-related disorders.
    CFN99171 Astragaloside IV

    1. Astragaloside IV has antioxidant and anti-aging activities.
    2. Astragaloside IV protects dopaminergic neurons.
    3. Astragaloside IV has anti-fibrotic effect against systemic sclerosis.
    4. Astragaloside IV has anti-inflammatory activity, the mechanism may be inhibiting the NF-kappaB pathway.
    5. Astragaloside IV inhibits migration and invasion in human lung cancer A549 cells via regulating PKC-α-ERK1/2-NF-κB pathway.
    CFN99515 Diosgenin

    1. Diosgenin possesses anti-inflammatory property , causes an inhibition of the growth of fibroblast-like synoviocytes from human rheumatoid arthritis 2. Diosgenin has anticancer and antitumor properties, inhibits migration and invasion of PC-3 cells by reducing MMPs expression, also inhibits ERK, JNK and PI3K/Akt signaling pathways as well as NF-κB activity.
    3. Diosgenin is the precursor for the semisynthesis of progesterone which in turn was used in early combined oral contraceptive pills. The unmodified steroid has estrogenic activity and can reduce the level of serum cholesterol.
    CFN99478 Cinnamaldehyde

    1. Cinnamaldehyde has antipyretic activity.
    2. Cinnamaldehyde is a sedative agent.
    3. Cinnamaldehyde inhibits invasive capabilities of MDA-MB-435S cells was correlated with down-regulating the expression of miR-27a.
    4. Cinnamaldehyde induces the generation of reactive oxygen species and exerts vasodilator and anticancer effects.
    5. Cinnamaldehyde appears to be a promising candidate as an adjuvant in combination therapy with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and oxaliplatin (OXA), two chemotherapeutic agents used in CRC treatment. The possible mechanisms of its action may involve the regulation of drug‑metabolizing genes.
    6. Cinnamaldehyde plays a certain role in inhibiting the occurrence and progression of melanoma and its action mechanism may be manifested by inhibiting expression of VEGF and HIF-α, thus blood vessel simulation and formation of new blood vessels of melanoma cells, and growth of tumors accordingly.