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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99175 Eugenol

    1. Eugenol has antihypertensive effect.
    2. Eugenol has antibacterial effect.
    3. Eugenol has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects.
    4. Eugenol is used in antiseptic and anaesthetic.
    5. Eugenol can kill certain human colon cancer cell lines in vitro and in vivo.
    6. Eugenol is hepatotoxic, meaning it may cause damage to the liver.
    7. Eugenol has sedative and analgesic effects, can inhibit the GABAA current in trigeminal ganglion neurons.
    CFN92067 Anagyrine

    1. Anagyrine can induce red cell aplasia, vascular anomaly, and skeletal dysplasia.
    2.(-)-Anagyrine and (-)--Methylcytisine have nematicidal activities against Pine Wood Nematodes.
    3. Anagyrine, is the responsible teratogen from teratogenic lupins, can produce congenital deformities in calves typical of crooked calf disease.