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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99641 Dehydro-alpha-lapachone

    Dehydro-alpha-lapachone is an antifungal substance. Dehydro-α-lapachone can inhibit vessel regeneration, interfere with vessel anastomosis, and limit plexus formation in zebrafish, it also can induce vascular pruning and growth delay in orthotopic mammary tumors in mice.
    CFN98012 Methyllucidone

    1. Methyllucidone may have a neuroprotective potential via inhibition of neurotoxic microglial activation implicated in neurodegeneration.
    2. Methyllucidone can strongly inhibit the growth of human cancer cells and colon tumor xenografted in nude mice, the anti-tumor effects are further confirmed with caspase-3 activation and degradation of PARP.
    3. Methyllucidone shows 85% antifungal activity at 50 against the disease wheat leaf rust.
    CFN98507 Ginkgolic acid C13:0

    Ginkgolic acid C13:0 has a wide antimicrobial spectrum against E.coli and bacillus subtilis who are bacterias, and penicillium, penicillum purpurogenum, penicillium camemberti and aspergillus niger who are fungis, and the MIC of it against E.coli, bacillus subtilis and penicillium is 7.5, 15, 25 mg/mL seperately. It is a natural anticariogenic agent in that it exhibits antimicrobial activity against S. mutans and suppresses the specific virulence factors associated with its cariogenicity. Ginkgolic acid C13:0 exhibits the high α-glucosidase inhibitory activity; Ginkgolic acid C13:0 represents a new kind of molluscicide agent , it has a pronounced effect on snail mitochondria with gross ultrastructural changes.
    CFN98473 Deoxylapachol

    1. Deoxylapachol from T. grandis extract can induce fungal cell wall stress.
    2. Deoxylapachol has anti-wood rot activity, it can inhibit the brown rot fungi Gloeophyllum sepiarium CBS 353.74 and Gloeophyllum trabeum CBS 318.50 and the white rot fungi Merulius tremellosus CBS 280.73 and Phlebia brevispora CBS 509.92.
    CFN98483 Vestitol

    Vestitol is a phytoalexin with insect feeding-deterrent activity, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities, it can inhibit neutrophil migration at a dose of 10 mg/kg, and shows MICs ranging from 25-50 to 50-100 ug/mL and MBCs ranging from 25-50 to 50-100 ug/mL.Vestitol exerts a limited inhibitory effect on S. hermonthica germination, it can significantly inhibit seedling growth, it also contributes, at least in part, to the host's defence mechanism and acts as a chemical barrier against the intrusion of the parasite.