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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN98451 Lyoniside

    1. Lyoniside has antioxidant activity.
    2. Lyoniside has allelopathic and antifungal activities.
    CFN98815 Plumieride

    1. Plumieride has cytotoxicity in vitro.
    2. Plumieride has no noticeable side effect on spermatogenesis in male rats.
    3. Plumieride shows strong fungitoxicity against some dermatophytes causing dermatomycosis to animals and human beings.
    CFN98878 Prunin

    1. Prunin stimulates growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and different Bacilllus sp.
    2. Prunin causes restricted callus initiation and/or less callus growth, was omitted from the medium numerous tracheids and more peroxidases were formed in the callus.
    CFN90409 Militarine

    1. Militarine has plant inhibitory effect against the growth of Italian ryegrass, timothy, and B. striata .
    CFN97854 Narciclasine

    1. Narciclasine displays marked proapoptotic and cytotoxic activity, as does pancratistatin, and significant in vivo anticancer effects in various experimental models, but it is also associated with severe toxic side effects.
    2. Narciclasine acts on the auxin signaling pathway upstream of TIR1, which modulates Aux/IAA protein degradation, and thereby affects the auxin-mediated responses in Arabidopsis roots, inhibits the root hair development of lettuce seedlings.
    3. The alkaloid Narciclasine is the bioactive compound responsible for the anti-inflammatory action of HCE.