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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN98751 Chrysophanol

    1. Chrysophanol can induce cell death in different types of cancer cells.
    2. Chrysophanol would possibly be the two effective compounds in Quyu Qingre granules .
    3. Chrysophanol can significantly reduce damage to hippocampal neurons in lead-exposed neonatal mice.
    4. Chrysophanol has anti-inflammation activity, can inhibit the activation of NALP3 inflammasome and protect cerebral ischemic stroke.
    CFN98848 Physcion

    1. Physcion shows cytotoxic effect on human cervical carcinoma HeLa cells and its apoptosis induction in HeLa cells was investigated by the expressions of p53, p21, Bax, Bcl-2, caspase-9, and caspase-3 proteins.
    2. Physcion controls powdery mildew mainly through changing the expression of defence-related genes, and especially enhancing expression of leaf-specific thionin in barley leaves.