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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99201 Fumaric acid

    1. Fumaric acid is used in systemic and topical treatment of psoriasis.
    2. Fumaric acid attenuates the eotaxin-1 expression in TNF-α-stimulated fibroblasts by suppressing p38 MAPK-dependent NF-κB signaling.
    CFN99425 Koumine

    1. Koumine can induce apoptosis of LoVo cells in a time-dependent manner and inhibit the DNA synthesis in LoVo cells, thereby blocking the cell cycle from G1 to S phase.
    2. Koumine has a significant analgesic effect in rodent behavioral models of inflammatory and neuropathic pain, and that the reduction in neuropathic pain may be associated with the upregulation of allopregnanolone in the spinal cord.
    3. Koumine has therapeutic effect against psoriasis, which is related to the inhibition of epidermal cell proliferation, promoting the formation of granular cells and decreasing the serum level of IL-2.
    4. Koumine can significantly reduce the damage to axon and myelin sheath of the sciatic nerve and increase sensory nerve conduction velocity , without affecting body weight and blood glucose, these findings encourage the use of koumine in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.
    5. Koumine has antineoplastic effect, may be a future breast cancer chemotherapeutic agent.
    6. Koumine may produce anxiolytic-effect by increasing the levels of pregnenolone and allopregnenolone in hippocampus.
    CFN90239 Indirubin

    1. Indirubin has anti-inflammatory activity.
    2. Indirubin derivatives have a potential to be used as an adjunct to antiviral therapy for the treatment of severe human H5N1 disease.
    3. Indirubin derivatives exert antitumor activity, As2S2 served as the principal drug, whereas Indirubin served as the adjuvant drug.
    4. Each Indirubin derivative acts on the DNA binding of NF-Y and represses the MDR1 gene promoter with tumor cell-type specificity.
    5. Indirubin might be a useful treatment for allergic contact dermatitis via regulating the co-expression of T helper (Th) 1 and 2 cell-mediated immune responses.
    CFN90528 Corytuberine

    1. Corytuberine was inhibited only by naloxone and that of bulbocapnine preferentially by yohimbine.