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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN90394 Obtusifolin

    1. Obtusifolin has antioxidant properties and improves chemically induced diabetes and its complications by modulation of oxidative stress.
    2. Obtusifolin suppresses phthalate esters-mediated bone resorption, thus may be a novel anti-breast-cancer bone metastasis agent.
    3. Obtusifolin has beneficial effects on the development of diabetic retinopathy via inhibition of accumulation of oxidatively modified DNA and nitrotyrosine in the retina, can help prevent vision loss in diabetic patients.
    4. Obtusifolin and gluco-Obtusifolin produce significant antinociceptive action in rodent behavioral models of inflammatory/neuropathic pain, and that this activity is associated with modulation of neuroinflammation in spinal cord.
    5. Gluco-Obtusifolin and its aglycone may be useful for the treatment of cognitive impairment, and that its beneficial effects are mediated, in part, by the enhancement of cholinergic signaling.