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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99315 Veratraldehyde

    Veratraldehyde as a corrosion inhibitor for Zinc in different acid medium. Veratraldehyde was reduced by aryl-alcohol dehydrogenase to their corresponding alcohols, which was oxidized by aryl-alcohol oxidase, producing H2O2.
    CFN99568 (+)-Catechin hydrate

    (+)-Catechin hydrate has antioxidant activity and is effective in reducing oxidative stress. (+)-Catechin hydrate acts as mixed type inhibitor with predominant inhibition at anodic site, it has inhibiting action on the corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid.
    CFN99992 Indigo

    Indigo and indirubin are potent aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligands present in human urine, the endogenous levels and potencies of indirubin and indigo are such that they activate aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) -mediated signaling mechanisms in vivo . Indigo participates in isolating oxygenase genes, indigo carmine angiography provides visual information on foot perfusion, using indigo dye and synergistic halide additives can inhibit mild steel corrosion in sulphuric acid.
    CFN90575 Atropine sulfate

    1. Atropine sulfate causes a significant increase in IOP when given both topically and by intramuscular injection.