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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN98809 Verminoside

    1. Verminoside has anti-inflammatory effect, inhibits both iNOS expression and NO release in the LPS-induced J774.A1 macrophage cell line.
    2. Verminoside is a potential inhibitor of tyrosinase correlating with the observed antioxidant activity in vitro.
    3. Verminoside induces genotoxicity on human lymphocytes: Involvement of PARP-1 and p53 proteins.
    CFN98866 Tryptophol

    1. Tryptophol can inhibit the infection/replication of GVE2 by interacting with the host's Clp protease.
    2. Tryptophol induces apoptosis through DR5 and that the resistance of PBL to Tryptophol-induced apoptosis might be due to competition from DcR1.
    CFN00408 Isatidine

    1. Isatidine shows in vitro genotoxicity in Hep G2/SCGE assays.
    2. Isatidine and sceleratine slightly raise blood pressure in cats following intravenous injection, and stimulate isolated guinea pigs' uteri.
    CFN00419 Integerrimine

    1. Prenatal exposure to Integerrimine N-oxide induces maternal toxicity, impairment of maternal care and delayed in physical and behavioral development of the offspring.
    2. Doses of Integerrimine N-oxide here employed did not produce marked immunotoxic effects.
    CFN00421 Riddelline

    1. Riddelline is a potent genotoxic agent in vitro and induces significant elevations in unscheduled DNA synthesis and S-phase synthesis in rat liver.