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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN97236 Usnic acid

    1. Usnic acid has antitumoral activity.
    2. Usnic acid has antiviral and antibiotic activities.
    3. Usnic acid has acaricidal activity, lower than Sodium Usnic acid.
    4. Usnic acid has antipyretic, analgesic, antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activities.
    5. Usnic acid perturbs various interrelated signaling pathways and that autophagy induction is a defensive mechanism against Usnic acid-induced cytotoxicity.
    6. Usnic acid disturbs calcium homeostasis, induces ER stress, and that Usnic acid-induced cellular damage occurs at least partially via activation of the Ca(2+) channel of SOCE.
    CFN97561 Ailanthone

    1. Ailanthone has high toxicity.
    2. Ailanthone has significant pre-emergence herbicide activity , is directly correlated to Ailanthone concentration.