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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99116 Chlorogenic acid

    1. Chlorogenic acid, a phenolic compound found ubiquitously in plants, is an in vitro antioxidant and metal chelator, some derivatives of chlorogenic acid are hypoglycemic agents and may affect lipid metabolism;in vivo, chlorogenic acid can improve glucose tolerance, decrease some plasma and liver lipids, and improve mineral pool distribution.
    2. Chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid have antioxidant property, have effects on intestinal ischemia–reperfusion injury.
    3. Chlorogenic acid has antiviral activity, reduces serum DHBV level in DHBV-infected duckling model, shows inhibitory effect on HBV replication.
    4. Chlorogenic acid inhibits the inflammatory reaction in HSE via the suppression of TLR2/TLR9-Myd88 signaling pathways.
    CFN99183 (+)-Taxifolin

    1. (+)-Taxifolin is an inhibitor of aggregation of the 42-residue amyloid β-protein, it has preventive effects against Alzheimer's disease-like pathogenesis in vivo.
    2. (+)-Taxifolin is a weak inhibitor of cytochrome b5 reduction (IC50=9.8μM).
    CFN99192 Lipoic acid

    1. Alpha-lipoic acid has become a common ingredient in multivitamin formulas, anti-aging supplements, and even pet food, it is well-defined as a therapy for preventing diabetic polyneuropathies, and scavenges free radicals, chelates metals, and restores intracellular glutathione levels which otherwise decline with age.
    2. Alpha-lipoic acid can enhance glucose transport and utilization in different experimental and animal models, it can improve insulin sensitivity in patients with type-2 diabetes.
    3. Lipoic acid is a novel treatment for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.
    4. Alpha-lipoic acid has therapeutic effects on joint inflammation and erosion in an animal model via NF-kappa B down regulation, it inhibits TNF-alpha induced NF-kappa B activation through blocking of MEKK1-MKK4-IKK signaling cascades.
    CFN99556 Proanthocyanidins

    1. Proanthocyanidins has antimicrobial property.
    2. Proanthocyanidins has anti-inflammatory property .
    3. Proanthocyanidins has antioxidant activity via the three most important mechanisms of free radical scavenging ,chelation of transition metals, and inhibition of enzymes.
    4. Proanthocyanidins is a dietary supplement to use for the treatment of any chronic disorder.
    CFN99792 Phytic acid

    1. Phytic acid has a neuroprotective effect in MPTP-induced PD model, and the neuroprotection is correlated with its anti-inflammatory effect which may be associated with suppression of pathways that involved in NF-κB and p-ERK.
    2. Phytic acid etching shows a structural stabilizing effect on demineralized dentine matrix and produces good resin-dentine bonding, regardless of dentine moistness or dryness.