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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99748 (+)-Bicuculline

    1. (+)-Bicuculline is GABAA-receptor antagonist.
    2. (+)-Bicuculline is a kind of convulsant.
    CFN98289 Tutin

    1. Tutin has human effect on CNS from ingestion of C. spp .
    CFN00433 Trichodesmine

    1. Trichodesmine has greater lethality and neurotoxicity than monocrotaline, because of the two structural characteristics:
    (a) steric hindrance at position 14 of dehydroTrichodesmine results in greater resistance to hydrolysis, allowing more to be released from the liver and to be delivered to the brain;
    (b) the larger isopropyl substituent at position 14 of dehydroTrichodesmine renders the molecule more lipophilic, leading to greater penetration of the brain.
    CFN90413 Dencichin

    1. Dencichine is a haemostatic agent present , it is also a reported neurotoxic agent found in Lathyrus sativus (grass pea seed).