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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99453 Cinnamic acid

    1. Cinnamic acid has anaesthetic activity.
    2. Cinnamic acid has anthelmintic activity.
    3. Cinnamic acid has phytotoxic activity.
    4. Cinnamic acid has anti-diabetic activity by improving glucose tolerance in vivo and stimulating insulin secretion in vitro.
    5. Cinnamic acid is cell differentiation inducer, protein isoprenylation inhibitor.
    6. Cinnamic acid shows a significant radio-protective effect by reducing the DNA damage induced by X-rays.
    CFN99644 Xanthinin

    1. Xanthinin is a plant growth-regulating compound from Xanthium pennsylvanicum. I.
    2. Xanthinin is a phytotoxic xanthanolide, can inhibit the growth of plants.
    CFN99646 Catechin

    1. Catechin shows its potential as biobased active packaging for fatty food.
    2. Catechin exerts cardioprotection through treating many kinds of angiocardiopathy.
    3. Catechin has UV-protective effect, the o/w emulsion of Catechin derivatives is probably useful as a cosmetic formulation with anti-aging efficacy.
    4. Catechin effectively suppressed abdominal aorta ligation-induced CHF in rats, which was closely associated with its modulation on Th17 and Treg.
    CFN98107 Isoalantolactone

    1. Isoalantolactone has the capacity to inhibit tumor cell growth through induction of apoptosis, may be mediated through caspase-dependent apoptotic pathways, S phase arrest, inhibition of phosphorylation of PI3K/Akt, and downregulation of Bcr/Abl, suggests it may as a potential cancer therapeutic compound.
    CFN98111 Gramine

    1. Gramine is the excellent marker in rapid and transient systemic acquired resistance in barley.
    2. Gramine has dual effect on the bile acid and sterols cell membrane partitioning activity in vivo.
    3. Gramine can activate of antioxidants and inactivative of SOD in M. aeruginosa ;Gramine has phytotoxicity on M. aeruginosa may be due to oxidative damage via oxidation of ROS .