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    Pro-apoptotic Compound Library
    A unique collection of 50 Pro-apoptotic natural compound library for Pro-apoptotic screening
    Catalog No: B93 Pro-apoptotic Compound Library
    Screening Details
    Size: 1mg/well * 50 Compounds
    2mg/well * 50 Compounds
    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99066 Ganoderic acid S

    1. Ganoderic acid S is an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor.
    CFN99133 Dendrobine

    1. Dendrobine has a slight but demonstrable analgesic and antipyretic action.
    2. Dendrobine produces moderate hyperglycemia, diminishes cardiac activity in large doses, lowers the blood pressure.
    3. Dendrobine on the electrical activity and on amino acid-induced depolarizations of primary afferent terminals were tested on the frog isolated spinal cord.
    CFN99134 Triptonide

    1. Triptonide is effective in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and has potent antileukemic and antitumor activities.
    2. Triptonide possesses anti-inflammatory activity, upregulate the expression of IL-37, and this expression was suppressed by ERK1/2 and p38 MAPK inhibitors.
    CFN99152 Glycyrrhetinic acid

    1. Glycyrrhetinic acid has antiprotozoal activity.
    2. Glycyrrhetinic acid has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial activities.
    3. Glycyrrhetinic acid is an AChE activator, antitussive agent.
    4. Glycyrrhetinic acid is used in treatment of noninfective inflammatory disorders.
    5. Glycyrrhetinic acid inhibits cell proliferation in NSCLC cells, and inhibits cell growth and induces apoptosis in ovarian cancer a2780 cells.
    6. Glycyrrhetinic acid is used in flavoring and it masks the bitter taste of drugs like aloe and quinine.
    CFN99189 Stevenleaf

    1. Stevenleaf (Gypenosides) inhibits invasion and migration of human tongue SCC4 cells by down-regulating proteins associated with these processes, resulting in reduced metastasis.
    2. Gypenoside can suppress the rise of serum cholesterol (CHO) and triglyceride (TRIG) in hyperlipidaemia mice and lower the content of CHO, TRIG and LDL in hyperlipidaemia quails.