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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN98577 Benzoylaconine

    1. Benzoylaconine is reduced to approximately 1 and their intracellular amounts were also significantly increased in MRP2-MDCKII cells.
    CFN00058 Cathinone

    1. Cathinone generates oxidative stress hampered antioxidant enzymes, glutathione and lipid peroxidation.
    2. Cathinone induces significant behavioral changes and CNS activation in the hamster by systemic administration .
    3. Cathinone causes hormonal alterations probably via changes in hypothalamo-hypophyseo-adrenocortical and gonadal axes integrity.
    CFN98870 beta-Asarone

    1. Beta-Asarone may be a potential preventive drug for Alzheimer's disease.
    2. Beta-Asarone prevents autophagy and synaptic loss by reducing ROCK expression in SAMP8 mice.
    3. The co-administration of beta-Asarone and l-dopa may contribute to the treatment of 6-OHDA-induced damage in rats by inhibiting autophagy activity.
    4. Beta-Asarone exhibits anti-inflammatory effects by suppressing the production of pro-inflammatory mediators through NF-κB signaling and the JNK pathways in activated microglial cells and might be developed as a promising candidate to treat various neuroinflammatory diseases.