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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN90046 D-Mannitol

    1. D-mannitol, a specific hydroxyl free radical scavenger, can reduce the developmental toxicity of hydroxyurea in rabbits.
    2. A. fumigatus can produce and release sufficient D-mannitol in the tissues of infected animals to raise serum D-mannitol levels, thus, D-mannitol is a potential diagnostic marker for aspergillosis.
    3. D-Mannitol has thermal properties, it could be as a Phase Change Material (PCM) for latent heat storage system.
    4. D-mannitol has neuroprotectant effect in reducing the sensory neurological disturbances seen in ciguatera poisoning, it does not act purely as an osmotic agent to reduce swelling of nerves, but involves a more complex action dependent on the Na(v) channel subtype, possibly to alter or reduce toxin association.