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    Cordyceps sienesis (Berkeley) Saccardo
    Cordyceps is a genus of ascomycete fungi (sac fungi) that includes about 400 described species. All Cordyceps species are endoparasitoids, mainly on insects and other arthropods (they are thus entomopathogenic fungi); a few are parasitic on other fungi. The best known species of the genus is Cordyceps sinensis, first recorded as yartsa gunbu in Tibet in the 15th Century. It is known as yarsha gumba in Nepal. The Latin etymology describes cord as club, ceps as head, and sinensis as Chinese. Cordyceps sinensis, known in English commonly as caterpillar fungus, is considered a medicinal mushroom in oriental medicines, such as traditional Chinese medicines and traditional Tibetan medicine.
    Cordyceps species are sources of biochemicals with interesting biological and pharmacological properties, like cordycepin; the anamorph of Cordyceps subsessilis (Tolypocladium inflatum) was the source of ciclosporin—a drug helpful in human organ transplants.
    Cordyceps sienesis (Berkeley) Saccardo
    Research products of Cordyceps sienesis (Berkeley) Saccardo
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN98566Cordycepin73-03-0  PDF
    CFN98567Luteosporin2530-39-4  PDF
    CFN98806Thymidine50-89-5  PDF
    CFN96592Hypoxanthine68-94-0  n/a
    CFN89041Adenine73-24-5  n/a
    CFN98992Adenosine58-61-7  PDF
    CFN99916Beta-Sitosterol83-46-5  PDF
    CFN98980Ergosterol57-87-4  PDF
    CFN93108L-Glutamic acid56-86-0  n/a
    CFN93165Stearic Acid57-11-4  PDF
    CFN94800Oleic acid112-80-1  n/a
    CFN93168Linoleic acid60-33-3  PDF
    CFN90048Ascorbic acid50-81-7  PDF
    CFN90067Riboflavine83-88-5  PDF
    CFN99926Nicotinamide98-92-0  PDF
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