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    Daphne odora Thumb
    Daphne odora (Winter daphne) is an evergreen shrub, grown for its very fragrant, fleshy, pale-pink, tubular flowers, each with 4 spreading lobes, and for its glossy foliage. It rarely fruits, but when it does, it produces red berries after flowering.
    D. odora is native to China and Japan, and grows best in fertile, slightly acid, peaty, well-drained soils. It grows in full sun or partial shade, and is hardy to -10 celsius, possibly lower. In Japan, the plant is more commonly known as Jinchoge.
    Plants are not long lived, senescing within 8 to 10 years. Daphne generally do not react well to root disturbance, and may transplant badly.
    Shrubs evergreen, to 1.5 m tall. Branches purplish red to purplish brown, stout, glabrous. Leaves alternate; petiole 4-5 mm, glabrous or sparsely puberulous; leaf blade obovate or obovate-elliptic, 6-13 × 2.5-5 cm, leathery, both surfaces glabrous, base cuneate, apex subacute, often apiculate; veins 7-13 pairs.
    Daphne odora Thumb
    Research products of Daphne odora Thumb
    Catalog Product Name CAS Number Manual
    CFN99952Daphnetin486-35-1  PDF
    CFN98656Acuminatin41744-39-2  n/a
    CFN92258Daphneolone54835-64-2  n/a
    CFN92254Kusunokinin58311-20-9  n/a
    CFN926283-Hydroxy-1,5-diphenyl-1-pentanone60669-64-9  n/a
    CFN92256Daphnelantoxin B134273-12-4  n/a
    CFN92257Daphnenone936006-13-2  n/a
    CFN90329Daphnoretin2034-69-7  n/a
    CFN99282Syringin118-34-3  PDF
    CFN99916Beta-Sitosterol83-46-5  PDF
    CFN98713Daucosterol474-58-8  PDF
    CFN98800Oleanolic acid508-02-1  PDF
    CFN99282Syringin118-34-3  PDF
    CFN98670Genkwanin437-64-9  PDF
    CFN98957Penduletin569-80-2  PDF
    CFN994214-Hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxybenzaldehyde134-96-3  PDF
    CFN98765Osthol484-12-8  PDF
    CFN99630Phytol150-86-7  PDF
    CFN98349Docosyl caffeate28593-92-2  PDF
    CFN98641Medioresinol40957-99-1  PDF
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