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    CAS No. 5041-81-6 Price
    Catalog No.CFN92925Purity>=98%
    Molecular Weight418.39Type of CompoundChalcones
    FormulaC21H22O9Physical DescriptionPowder
    Download     COA    MSDSSimilar structuralComparison
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    Isoliquiritoside Description
    Source: The roots of Glycyrrhiza uralensis
    Biological Activity or Inhibitors: 1. Isoliquiritoside has antioxidant activity,remarkable anti-tumor and anti-HIV effects.
    2. Isoliquiritoside shows strong inhibition against pancreatic lipase ( IC50 of 37.6 uM ).
    Solvent: DMSO, Pyridine, Methanol, Ethanol, etc.
    Storage: Providing storage is as stated on the product vial and the vial is kept tightly sealed, the product can be stored for up to 24 months(2-8C).

    Wherever possible, you should prepare and use solutions on the same day. However, if you need to make up stock solutions in advance, we recommend that you store the solution as aliquots in tightly sealed vials at -20C. Generally, these will be useable for up to two weeks. Before use, and prior to opening the vial we recommend that you allow your product to equilibrate to room temperature for at least 1 hour.

    Need more advice on solubility, usage and handling? Please email to: service@chemfaces.com

    After receiving: The packaging of the product may have turned upside down during transportation, resulting in the natural compounds adhering to the neck or cap of the vial. take the vial out of its packaging and gently shake to let the compounds fall to the bottom of the vial. for liquid products, centrifuge at 200-500 RPM to gather the liquid at the bottom of the vial. try to avoid loss or contamination during handling.
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    Recently, ChemFaces products have been cited in many studies from excellent and top scientific journals

    Cell. 2018 Jan 11;172(1-2):249-261.e12.
    doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.12.019.

    PMID: 29328914

    Mol Cell. 2017 Nov 16;68(4):673-685.e6.
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    Phytomedicine. 2018 Feb 1;40:37-47.

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    Calculate Dilution Ratios(Only for Reference)
    1 mg 5 mg 10 mg 20 mg 25 mg
    1 mM 2.3901 mL 11.9506 mL 23.9011 mL 47.8023 mL 59.7529 mL
    5 mM 0.478 mL 2.3901 mL 4.7802 mL 9.5605 mL 11.9506 mL
    10 mM 0.239 mL 1.1951 mL 2.3901 mL 4.7802 mL 5.9753 mL
    50 mM 0.0478 mL 0.239 mL 0.478 mL 0.956 mL 1.1951 mL
    100 mM 0.0239 mL 0.1195 mL 0.239 mL 0.478 mL 0.5975 mL
    * Note: If you are in the process of experiment, it's need to make the dilution ratios of the samples. The dilution data of the sheet for your reference. Normally, it's can get a better solubility within lower of Concentrations.
    Isoliquiritoside References Information
    Citation [1]

    Excli Journal, 2014, 13:897-921.

    Inhibitors of pancreatic lipase: state of the art and clinical perspectives.[Pubmed: 26417311]
    Luteolin-6-C-β-D-boivinopyranoside (24), orientin (25), isoorientin (26), derhamnosylmaysin (27) and isoorientin-2-O-α-L-rhamnoside (28) from the methanolic extract of the leaves of Eremochloa ophiuroides (centipede grass), has reported to inhibit the pancreatic lipase with IC50 of 50.5 ± 3.9, 31.6 ± 2.7, 44.6 ± 1.3, 25.9 ± 3.7 and 18.5 ± 2.6 μM respectively (Lee et al., 2010[38]). Licuroside (29) and Isoliquiritoside (30) from Glycyrrhiza glabra roots showed strong inhibition against pancreatic lipase with IC50 of 14.9 and 37.6 μM respectively (Birari et al., 2011[3]) (Figure 5(Fig. 5)).
    Citation [2]

    Computers & Applied Chemistry, 2012,29(6):656-660.

    Density functional theory calculations on antioxidation activity of four flavones from radix glycyrrhizae.[Reference: WebLink]
    The geometrical structures of the four main compounds of glycyrrhiza flavonoids,liquiritigenin,liquiritin,isoliquiritigenin and Isoliquiritoside,which have potential medicinal value of antioxidant activity,remarkable anti-tumor and anti-HIV effects,have been calculated by using the Density Functional Theory(DFT) B3LYP method with 6-311G(d,p) basis set.The properties of the glycyrrhiza flavonoids have been discussed in detail based on their molecular structures,NBO charges on hydrogen atoms,the dissociation energy of O-H bonds,the energies of the highest occupied molecular orbital(HOMO) and the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital(LUMO),the energy gap between HOMO and LUMO,and etc.The results showed that C_7-OH is likely the most active site to eliminate free radicals in human body by dehydrogenation,while the 4'-OH also is probably an active site to enhance the antioxidant activity of the molecules.Smaller 7-OH bond dissociation energy of hydroxyl,bigger positive charge value on hydrogen atom,relatively higher the HOMO energy,and smaller ΔE_(LUMO-HOMO) are contributive to improve the antioxidant activity of the flavonoids.Isoliquiritigenin and Isoliquiritoside are completely planar due to the presence of the double bond between C_2 and C_3,which can increase the molecular itself antioxidant activity due to the larger conjugate π molecular orbital.The glucoside substitute for the hydrogen of 4'-OH can slightly increase the energy level of the HOMO and LUMO,but,at the same time,the losing 4'-OH decreases the total molecular antioxidant activity since lost one active site.As a result,it was revealed that the antioxidant activity of the compounds goes along with the series Isoliquiritigenin ≧ Isoliquiritoside Liquiritigenin ≧liquiritin.