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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99571 (-)-Gallocatechin gallate

    1. (-)-Gallocatechin gallate can precipitate cholesterol.
    2. (-)-Gallocatechin gallate decreasees osteoclastogenesis at 20 microM.
    3. (-)-Gallocatechin gallate inhibits production and extracellular release of maltose binding protein and a periplasmic protein into the culture supernatant.
    CFN99639 Ginkgolide C

    1. Ginkgolide C is a potent inhibitor of collagen-stimulated platelet aggregation, through increasing intracellular cAMP and cGMP production and MMP-9 activity,and inhibiting intracellular Ca(2+) mobilization and TXA(2) production.
    CFN99755 Ginsenoside F2

    1. Ginsenoside F2 has antiproliferative activity against breast cancer stem cells (CSCs), induces apoptosis in breast CSCs by activating the intrinsic apoptotic pathway and mitochondrial dysfunction.
    2. Ginsenoside F2 decreases the expression of TGF-β2 and SCAP proteins which involved in apoptosis, and increases the expression of β-catenin and Lef-1 which as a major factor related to the development and growth of hair follicle and the decrease in DKK-1 when entering catagen.
    CFN99931 6-Gingerol

    1. 6-Gingerol may as an antioxidant to protect HL-60 cells from oxidative stress.
    2. 6-Gingerol has protective effects for cancerous tumors in the bowel,breast tissue, ovaries,the pancreas,among other tissues.
    3. 6-Gingerol may reduce nausea caused by motion sickness or pregnancy and may also relieve migraine.
    4. 6-Gingerol has been used to induce a hypothermic state in rats and build an animal model of rheumatoid arthritis.
    CFN99970 Ginsenoside Rh1

    1. Ginsenoside Rh1 displays hypoallergenic and antiinflammatory properties, via its cell membrane-stabilizing and anti-inflammatory activities which reduction of IgE and IL-6 levels in peripheral blood and increase of Foxp3 expression in draining lymph nodes and suppression of inflammation in skin regions.
    2. Ginsenoside Rh1 is a weak phytoestrogen, presumably by binding and activating the estrogen receptor.