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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99201 Fumaric acid

    1. Fumaric acid is used in systemic and topical treatment of psoriasis.
    2. Fumaric acid attenuates the eotaxin-1 expression in TNF-α-stimulated fibroblasts by suppressing p38 MAPK-dependent NF-κB signaling.
    CFN98574 Nystose

    1. Nystose has anti-hydroxyl radical activity, anti-hydroxyl radical activity is an important factor in the description of antioxidant capacity of any natural product, indicatets that nystose has antioxidant capacity.
    2. A high content of kestose and nestose in the diet can cause a decrease in ileal and cecal pH (to 5.42 and 5.49, respectively)of turkeys, which may promote digestion.
    3. Nystose and 1-Kestose can modulate the intestinal Microorganisms flora.
    CFN97450 Methyl syringate

    1. Methyl syringate has a unique inhibitory activity toward aflatoxin production with a different mode of action from that of gallic acid.
    2. Methyl syringate from K. pictus is a specific and selective activator of hTRPA1, can regulate food intake and gastric emptying through a TRPA1-mediated pathway and, by extension, can contribute to weight suppression.
    CFN92720 Ceplignan

    1. (2S,3R)-Ceplignan and (2R,3S)-Ceplignan significantly enhances SERT activity, can used in treatments of neuropsychiatric and digestive disorders.