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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN98769 Coclaurine

    (+)-R-Coclaurine and (+)-S-reticuline show negative inotropic effects, coclaurine derivatives and of paeoniflorin derivatives have neuromuscular blocking actions. D-Coclaurine has a neuroleptic-like property in blocking effects of dopaminergic stimulating agents.
    CFN98889 Coixol

    Coixol acts as a central muscle relaxant with an anti-convulsant effect; it can regulate gene expression, production and secretion of mucin, by directly acting on airway epithelial cells. Coixol interacts with the pituitary to stimulate reproduction in voles, it also has the ability to interact with FSH to stimulate follicular development and increase ovulation.
    CFN97423 alpha-Amyrin acetate

    1. Alpha-Amyrin acetate has anti-inflammatory activity.
    2. Alpha-Amyrin acetate has antispasmodic profile and the relaxant effects.
    3. Alpha-Amyrin acetate can decrease blood engorgement time and feeding rate and decline fecundity which reduce the overall survival and reproductive capacity of the malaria vector A. stephensi.
    4. The oral administration of alpha-Amyrin acetate can significantly improve the diabetic condition in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats and in diabetic db/db mice at 50 mg kg(-1) dose level.
    CFN90441 Perivine

    1. Perivine may resolve the instability of the retinoblastoma-associated proteins (RbAp48) complex and thus be used in Alzheimer's disease therapy.
    2. Perivine, vobasine, coronaridine and dichomine show hypotensive and muscle relaxant activity.