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    Catalog No. Information
    CFN99455 Sweroside

    1. Sweroside possesses strong hepatoprotective effect.
    2. Sweroside is a promising osteoporosis therapeutic natural product, has anti-osteoporotic effect on the human MG-63 cells and rat osteoblasts.
    CFN98530 Aucubin

    1. Aucubin has anti-microbial activity.
    2. Aucubin has anti-algesic, and anti-tumor activities.
    3. Aucubin can improves nerve regeneration in the rat model of sciatic nerve injury.
    4. Aucubin has anti-inflammatory property, can benefit the IL-1β stimulated chondrocytes,may treat OA.
    5. Aucubin may improve obesity-induced atherosclerosis by attenuating TNF-α-induced inflammatory responses.
    6. Aucubin can significantly rescue neurons in the hippocampal CA1 subfield and reduced working errors during behavioral testing.
    CFN90133 Isosaponarin

    1. Isosaponarin increases collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts, causes by up-regulated TbetaR-II and P4H production.