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New Products
1,5-Dicaffeoylquinic acid

Catalog No: CFN99123
CAS No: 30964-13-7
Price: $298/20mg
Isochlorogenic acid C

Catalog No: CFN99120
CAS No: 32451-88-0
Price: $100/20mg
Isochlorogenic acid B

Catalog No: CFN99119
CAS No: 14534-61-3
Price: $108/20mg
Isochlorogenic acid A

Catalog No: CFN99118
CAS No: 2450-53-5
Price: $108/20mg
Cryptochlorogenic acid

Catalog No: CFN99117
CAS No: 905-99-7
Price: $128/20mg

Catalog No: CFN99106
CAS No: 40957-83-3
Price: $128/20mg

Catalog No: CFN98996
CAS No: 58822-47-2
Price: $158/20mg

Catalog No: CFN98961
CAS No: 572-30-5
Price: $168/20mg
Featured Products
Ginsenoside Rg5

Catalog No: CFN92643
CAS No: 186763-78-0
Price: $168/10mg

Catalog No: CFN92616
CAS No: 7727-79-9
Price: $278/20mg
Ginsenoside Rh4

Catalog No: CFN92594
CAS No: 174721-08-5
Price: $368/10mg
Ginsenoside Rk3

Catalog No: CFN92593
CAS No: 364779-15-7
Price: $180/10mg
3-O-Caffeoylquinic acid methyl ester

Catalog No: CFN92573
CAS No: 123483-19-2
Price: $198/10mg
Alisol C

Catalog No: CFN92545
CAS No: 30489-27-1
Price: $388/5mg
Alisol A 23-acetate

Catalog No: CFN92544
CAS No: 19865-75-9
Price: $418/5mg

Catalog No: CFN92435
CAS No: 3776-39-4
Price: $433/5mg
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    Popular Products
    Picroside I

    Catalog No: CFN99565
    CAS No: 27409-30-9
    Price: $60/20mg
    Coptisine chloride

    Catalog No: CFN99564
    CAS No: 6020-18-4
    Price: $128/20mg
    Berberine hydrochloride

    Catalog No: CFN99562
    CAS No: 633-65-8
    Price: $30/20mg
    Sinomenine HCl

    Catalog No: CFN99561
    CAS No: 6080-33-7
    Price: $40/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99555
    CAS No: 10236-47-2
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99554
    CAS No: 489-32-7
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99553
    CAS No: 2934-97-6
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99552
    CAS No: 91-64-5
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99551
    CAS No: 94-07-5
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99550
    CAS No: 497-76-7
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99549
    CAS No: 62499-27-8
    Price: $30/20mg
    Betaine hydrochloride

    Catalog No: CFN99547
    CAS No: 590-46-5
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99546
    CAS No: 107-43-7
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99544
    CAS No: 23180-57-6
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99543
    CAS No: 14259-46-2
    Price: $118/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99542
    CAS No: 22888-70-6
    Price: $40/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99541
    CAS No: 138-52-3
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99539
    CAS No: 22681-72-7
    Price: $88/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99538
    CAS No: 84605-18-5
    Price: $88/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99536
    CAS No: 38642-49-8
    Price: $138/20mg