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New Products
Kaempferol 7-O-rhamnoside

Catalog No: CFN96224
CAS No: 20196-89-8
Price: $338/5mg
Brevilin A

Catalog No: CFN99694
CAS No: 16503-32-5
Price: $218/10mg
Batatasin III

Catalog No: CFN92689
CAS No: 56684-87-8
Price: $368/5mg

Catalog No: CFN90742
CAS No: 510-77-0
Price: $318/10mg

Catalog No: CFN96137
CAS No: 20069-09-4
Price: $338/10mg
Yadanzioside G

Catalog No: CFN96422
CAS No: 95258-17-6
Price: $413/5mg
Bruceine E

Catalog No: CFN89340
CAS No: 21586-90-3
Price: $318/5mg
Bruceine D

Catalog No: CFN90771
CAS No: 21499-66-1
Price: $258/10mg
Featured Products
Viscidulin III

Catalog No: CFN97488
CAS No: 92519-91-0
Price: $413/5mg
Neochlorogenic acid

Catalog No: CFN97472
CAS No: 906-33-2
Price: $138/20mg
Artemisinic acid

Catalog No: CFN97276
CAS No: 80286-58-4
Price: $80/20mg

Catalog No: CFN97160
CAS No: 6807-83-6
Price: $128/20mg

Catalog No: CFN97135
CAS No: 66648-43-9
Price: $288/10mg

Catalog No: CFN97086
CAS No: 62949-93-3
Price: $388/5mg

Catalog No: CFN97083
CAS No: 62596-29-6
Price: $128/20mg

Catalog No: CFN97049
CAS No: 61303-13-7
Price: $178/20mg
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    Popular Products

    Catalog No: CFN99742
    CAS No: 56-69-9
    Price: $30/20mg
    Cyanidin Chloride

    Catalog No: CFN99741
    CAS No: 528-58-5
    Price: $268/20mg
    Cyanidin-3-O-glucoside chloride

    Catalog No: CFN99740
    CAS No: 7084-24-4
    Price: $118/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99737
    CAS No: 83-67-0
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99735
    CAS No: 19685-09-7
    Price: $40/20mg
    Biochanin A

    Catalog No: CFN99734
    CAS No: 491-80-5
    Price: $40/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99733
    CAS No: 475-83-2
    Price: $40/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99732
    CAS No: 67979-25-3
    Price: $118/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99731
    CAS No: 59870-68-7
    Price: $60/20mg
    Lycorine chloride

    Catalog No: CFN99730
    CAS No: 2188-68-3
    Price: $30/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99728
    CAS No: 53209-27-1
    Price: $178/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99727
    CAS No: 28978-02-1
    Price: $118/20mg
    Momordin Ic

    Catalog No: CFN99726
    CAS No: 96990-18-0
    Price: $118/20mg
    Chicoric acid

    Catalog No: CFN99725
    CAS No: 70831-56-0
    Price: $118/20mg
    Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside

    Catalog No: CFN99722
    CAS No: 148244-82-0
    Price: $60/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99721
    CAS No: 781658-23-9
    Price: $258/20mg
    Bulleyaconitine A

    Catalog No: CFN99720
    CAS No: 107668-79-1
    Price: $60/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99719
    CAS No: 552-58-9
    Price: $128/20mg

    Catalog No: CFN99718
    CAS No: 13463-28-0
    Price: $148/20mg
    Gypenoside XLIX

    Catalog No: CFN99717
    CAS No: 94987-08-3
    Price: $158/20mg