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Featured Products

Catalog No: CFN00092
CAS No: 18696-26-9
Price: $168/10mg
Gomisin N

Catalog No: CFN90125
CAS No: 69176-52-9
Price: $288/20mg
Desmethoxy yangonin

Catalog No: CFN90149
CAS No: 15345-89-8
Price: $188/20mg
11-Keto-beta-boswellic acid

Catalog No: CFN90152
CAS No: 17019-92-0
Price: $168/5mg

Catalog No: CFN90167
CAS No: 64849-39-4
Price: $90/20mg
Oroxylin A 7-O-beta-D-glucuronide

Catalog No: CFN90191
CAS No: 36948-76-2
Price: $318/20mg

Catalog No: CFN90197
CAS No: 51938-32-0
Price: $100/20mg
Polygalaxanthone III

Catalog No: CFN90208
CAS No: 162857-78-5
Price: $138/20mg
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