In pharmacology, biological activity or pharmacological activity describes the beneficial or adverse effects of a drug on living matter. When a drug is a complex chemical mixture, this activity is exerted by the substance's active ingredient or pharmacophore but can be modified by the other constituents. Among the various properties of chemical compounds, pharmacological/biological activity plays a crucial role since it suggests uses of the compounds in the medical applications.

In order to promote the researched products of ChemFaces, ChemFaces specifically classified their products' biological activity to make client have more choices in their research. In the following the popular research items are listed .

Anticancer Antioxidants Anti-inflammatory Antiviral
Inhibitor Hepatoprotective Antifungal Anti-diabetic
Antimalaric Anti-angiogenic Anti-hyperlipidemic Antiepileptogenic
Antibiotics Antibacterial Anticoagulants Antiparasitic
Analgesia Antidementia Antifertility Anxiolytic