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    Product Use Citation
  • Pharmacokinetic study of traditional Japanese Kampo medicine shimotsuto used to treat gynecological diseases in rats
    J Nat Med.2021, doi: 10.1007.
    Bergapten was purchased from Chemfaces
  • The Effectiveness of Scutellaria baicalensis on Migraine: Implications from Clinical Use and Experimental Proof
    Evid Based Complement Alternat Med.2021, 8707280.
    Baicalin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Comparison of Secondary Metabolite Contents and Metabolic Profiles of Six Lycoris Species
    Horticulturae2021, 7(1),5.
    Galantamine was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Isolindleyin exerts anti-melanogenic effects in human epidermal melanocytes via direct binding to tyrosinase
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun.2021, 534:802-807.
    Isolindleyin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • A natural product biflavonoid scaffold with anti-tryptase activity
    Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol.2021, 394(1):107-115.
    Astragalin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Chemical profile of Cimicifuga heracleifolia Kom. And immunomodulatory effect of its representative bioavailable component, cimigenoside on Poly(I:C)-induced airway inflammation
    J Ethnopharmacol.2021, 267:113615.
    Caffeic acid, Ferulic acid, Cimigenoside, Cimigenol-3-O-alpha-L-arabinopyranoside and 23-O-acetylshengmanol-3-O-alpha-L-arabinopyranoside were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Application of HPLC-DAD for In Vitro Investigation of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition Activity of Selected Isoquinoline Alkaloids from Sanguinaria canadensis Extracts
    Molecules2021, 26(1),230
    Sanguinarine, Chelerythrine, Protopine and chelidonine were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Development and Validation of a Sensitive Method for Analysis of Ellagic Acid in Dietary Supplements from Punica granatum.
    Nutraceutical Research . 2021, 19(1),p90-105.
    Arjunic acid, Corilagin, Chebulagic acid and Chebulinic acid were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Quantitative Analysis of 18 Marker Components in the Traditional Korean Medicine, Cheongsangbangpung-Tang, Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Combined with Photodiode Array Detector
    Appl. Sci.2021, 11(1),14.
    Oxypeucedanin hydrate was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Genome Assembly and Annotation of Soft-Shelled Adlay (Coix lacryma-jobi Variety ma-yuen), a Cereal and Medicinal Crop in the Poaceae Family
    Front Plant Sci.2020ŁŹ11:630.
    Coixol standard was purchased from ChemFaces
  • In vitro antimicrobial and antipro-inflammation potential of honokiol and magnolol against oral pathogens and macrophages
    J Formos Med Assoc.2020, S0929-6646(20)30425-3
    Honokiol and Magnolol were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Inhibitory Effects of Isoderrone on Platelet Aggregation through Regulation of Cyclic Nucleotides
    J Korean Soc Food Sci Nutr2020, doi: 10.3746.
    Isoderrone was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Identification of Hepatic Fibrosis Inhibitors Through Morphometry Analysis of Hepatic Multicellular Spheroids Models
    Institut Pasteur Korea2020, doi: 10.21203.
    Pomiferin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Artemisia annua herbal preparations–Antitumor activity, analytical characterization, and identification of potential anticancer ingredients
    Ulm University Medical Center2020, doi: 10.18725.
    Chrysosplenol D was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Anti-Aging Effects of Gyrophoric Acid on UVA-Irradiated Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts
    Natural Product Communications2020, doi: 10.1177.
    Gyrophoric acid was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Microbial Glycosylation of Phenanthrene and Bibenzyls by Mucor hiemalis
    Natural Product Communications2020, doi: 10.1177.
    Batatasin III was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Contrasting responses of plant and lichen carbon‐based secondary compounds across an elevational gradient
    Functional Ecology2020, doi: 10.1111.
    Batatasin III was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Annexina2 as atarget protein for chlorogenic acidin human lung cancerA549cells
    Biorxiv.2020, doi: 10.1101.
    Chlorogenic acid was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Simultaneous determination of fourteen components of Gumiganghwal-tang tablet in human plasma by UPLC-ESI-MS/MS and its application to pharmacokinetic study
    J of Pharmaceutical Analysis2020, doi: 10.1016
    Baicalin, Glycyrrhizin, Notopterol, Xanthotoxol, Oxypeucedanin, Methyleugenol and Catalpol were obtained from ChemFaces
  • Sappanone A Protects Against Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis in Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury by Alleviating Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
    Inflammation.2021, doi: 10.1007
    Sappanone A was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Extraction of Natural Pigments from Gardenia Jasminoides J. Ellis Fruit Pulp Using CO2-Expanded Liquids and Direct Sonication
    Separations2021, 8(1), 1.
    Crocin-1 and Crocin-2 were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Antimicrobial activity of 4-hydroxyderricin, sophoraflavanone G, acetylshikonin, and kurarinone against the bee pathogenic bacteria Paenibacillus larvae and Melissococcus plutonius
    Journal of Apicultural Research2021, 60(1)
    Sophoraflavanone G, Acetylshikonin and Kurarinone were purchased from ChemFaces
  • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis for flavonoids profiling of Napier grass herbal tea
    Food Research2021, 5(1):65-71
    Gallic acid, Caffeic acid, Catechin, P-Coumaric acid, Epigallocatechin gallate, Rutin, Myricetin, Quercetin, Kaempferol and Naringenin were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Effect of solid-state fungal fermentation on the non-volatiles content and volatiles composition of Coffea canephora (Robusta) coffee beans
    Food Chem.2021, 337:128023.
    3-O-Caffeoylquinic acid, 4-O-Caffeoylquinic acid, 5-O-Caffeoylquinic acid, Caffeic acid and 4,5-Dicaffeoylquinic acid were obtained from ChemFaces
  • Anti-Inflammatory Activity and Mechanism of Isookanin, Isolated by Bioassay-Guided Fractionation from Bidens pilosa L
    Molecules.2021, 26(2):E255.
    Isookanin was obtained from ChemFaces
  • Recovery from spinal cord injury via M2 microglial polarization induced by Polygalae Radix
    Phytomedicine.2021, 2(82):153452
    Sibiricose A5, 3,6'-disinapoyl sucrose and Polygalaxanthone III were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Modulation of cellular circadian clocks by triterpenoids
    Phytochemistry.2021, 181:112539.
    Cucurbitacin B and Celastrol were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Garcinone-E exhibits anticancer effects in HeLa human cervical carcinoma cells mediated via programmed cell death, cell cycle arrest and suppression of cell migration and invasion
    AMB Express2020. 10(1):126.
    Garcinone E was procured from ChemFaces
  • Method for treatment of acute lung injury by use of kirenol
    Chung Shan Medical University2020, US20200323790A1
    Kirenol was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Simultaneous determination of asarinin, β‐eudesmol, and wogonin in rats using ultraperformance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry and its application to pharmacokinetic studies following administration of standards and Gumiganghwal‐tang
    Biomed Chromatogr.2020, e5021.
    Asarinin, beta-Eudesmol and Wogonin were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Stigmasterol Biosynthesis Pathway is Associated With the Dehiscence Process in Panax Ginseng Seeds
    Research Square2020, doi: 10.21203.
    Campesterol, beta-Sitosterol, Clerosterol, Delta 5-avenasterol, Lupeol and 24-Methylenecycloartanol were obtained from ChemFaces
  • Ficus Erecta Thunb. Leaves Protect Against Cognitive Deficit and Neuronal Damage in a Mouse Model of Amyloid-β-induced Alzheimer's Disease
    Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine2020, doi: 10.21203.
    Rutin, Chlorogenic acid and Kaempferol-3-O-rutinoside were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Quantitative Analysis of 7 Compounds in Diospyros lotus Leaf Extract and Its Biological Effects on Neuroprotection and Antineuroinflammation
    Natural Product Communications2020, doi: 10.1177.
    Gallic acid, Myricitrin, Ellagic acid, Isoquercitrin, Quercitrin, Myricetin and Quercetin were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Microbial Transformation of Flavonoids in Cultures of Mucor hiemalis
    Natural Product Communications2020, doi: 10.1177.
    Galangin, (2S)-Isookanin and Sulfuretin were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Simultaneous Determination of 6 Antiallergic Components in Asarum sieboldii Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
    Natural Product Communications2020, doi: 10.1177.
    Echinacoside, Vanillic acid, Kakuol, Methyl eugenol, Sesamin, Asarinin and Ferulic acid were purchased from ChemFaces
  • Hesperidin inhibits L-NAME-induced vascular and renal alterations in rats by suppressing the renin-angiotensin system, transforming growth factor-β1, and oxidative stress
    Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol.2020, doi: 10.1111
    Hesperidin was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Geological alteration of Precambrian steroids mimics early animal signatures
    Nature Ecology & Evolution2020, doi: 10.1038
    Clerosterol was purchased from ChemFaces
  • Hepatoprotective effect of Centella asiatica 50% ethanol extract against acetaminophen-induced acute liver injury in BALB/c mice
    Toxicological Research2020, doi: 10.1007.
    Asiaticoside was purchased from ChemFaces
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