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Natural Products
ChemFaces is a professional high-purity natural products manufacturer.

This class of natural products is characterized by mostly greater 98,0 % high purity. Our natural products extracted from plants.The certificate of analysis delivered contains both chromatographic measurements of the purity with HPLC-DAD and spectroscopic measurements like NMR, MS inclusive the spectra and data interpretation.

Natural products sometimes have pharmacological or biological activity that can be of therapeutic benefit in treating diseases. As such, natural products are the active components not only of most traditional medicines but also many modern medicines. Furthermore, because the structural diversity of natural products exceeds that readily achievable by chemical synthesis, and synthetic analogs can be prepared with improved potency and safety, natural products are often used as starting points for drug discovery. In fact, natural products are the inspiration for approximately one half of U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs.
Top Downloads
54082-42-7 25,28-Di-epi-cyasterone
562-34-5 Chlorogenin
141360-88-5 Polyporusterone A
38395-01-6 Kidjolanin
20817-72-5 Stigmastadienone
14214-69-8 Cholest-4,6-diene-3-ol
239791-85-6 Alboside I
96681-56-0 Periclymenosidic acid
N/A Grandifloroside-3''-glucoside
1395056-08-2 Jatamanvaltrate N
1393577-30-4 Jatairidoid B
1393577-29-1 Jatairidoid A
94418-50-5 Anisolactone
167782-21-0 Isobaisseoside
1609166-45-1 Clausemarin A
87838-97-9 Indicolactone
13872-98-5 Alternariol-trimethylaether
57601-61-3 Dipetalolactone
81093-37-0 Pravastatin
82460-75-1 Rabdophyllin G
55750-85-1 Crocin 3
100202-29-7 Borapetoside A
60129-60-4 Steviolmonoside
93380-12-2 Epirosmanol
906080-70-4 Kankanoside E
1326304-00-0 Kankanoside O
152520-94-0 Kenposide A
184103-78-4 Benzoylalbiflorin
4221-98-1 (R)-(-)-alpha-Phellandrene
3391-90-0 (S)-(-)-Pulegone